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"Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals."  (David Ogilvy, of Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency, Ogilvy on Advertising)

"As the number of catalogs in the mailbox grows, so does the level of sophistication of the customer. The demands grow on our ingenuity, innovativeness, and imagination to make smarter-looking, better catalogs. Our customers want to see more, and they want to be entertained and sweet-talked. While you're at it, show them something new and different."  (Jo-Von Tucker, JVT Direct Marketing and Clambake Celebrations)

"Avoid mass promotion. We have some common material that we give each customer, but we also tailor each package to address their specific needs. It's more important to understand the markets you want to serve, then go out and find the matches."  (Paul Stanfield, operations manager, ABCO Automation, Inc.)

"Consumers have a composite portrait of a product. By fragmenting media strategies, a product's image becomes fragmented. It is essential for a brand to maintain a consistent face in every aspect of the media: in classical advertising, at point of purchase, through mailings, or even touch screen interactive shopping...Advertising so interrupting, so daring, so fresh, so engaging, so human, so believable and so well-focused as to themes and ideas that, at one and the same time, it builds a quality reputation for the long haul as it produces sales for the immediate present."  (Leo Burnett, Leo Burnett advertising agency)

"Different is what sells. Our customers want to go into a place of business that's different. They want to shop at stores that stock diverse merchandise and have diverse promotions. It's the key to not only staying ahead, but staying in business: have different types of merchandise, and use different types of promotions. By doing things differently, people will come to you."  (Rick Segel, retail consultant and founder of Rick Segel and Associates)

"Every product we put out has our Web address on it. Every direct marketing piece sent out has the address, and it's also on our phone line. Whenever we promote anything, the Web address is there. The cost? Absolutely nothing. Just type."  (Faithe Raphael, vice president of strategic marketing, Windham Hill Records)

"Good advertising is a happy wedding of words and pictures, not a contest between them."  (Leo Burnett)

"If you break the rules, you're going to stand a better chance of breaking through the clutter than if you don't. If you try to live with the rules, in all likelihood the work will be derivative, it won't be fresh, it won't have the necessary ingredients to disarm the consumer, who increasingly has got his defenses up against all sorts of advertising messages coming his way."  (Tom McElligott, of Fallon, McElligott agency)

"Marketers have a unique promotional advantage when their proprietary databases function as private media. For example, they can generate additional sales by promoting product A to other members of their database who resemble known buyers of product A. Or they can cross-promote products C, D, and G to their product A buyers because they know and can exploit their buyers' product and sales 'hot buttons.' Because they have proprietary knowledge of consumers' individual characteristics, marketers can test-market new products with target segments before making a full market introduction."  (Jock Bickert, National Demographics and Lifestyles, The Direct Marketing Handbook)

"Never write an advertisement which you wouldn't want your family to read. You wouldn't tell lies to your own wife. Don't tell them to mine."  (David Ogilvy, of Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency)

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