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"Bullshitting is lying convincingly and with a winning smile."  (Arthur Lotti)

"If you meet a woman that smokes cigars ... marry her."  (Arthur Lotti)

"In America, Jesus and germs are everywhere."  (Arthur Lotti)

"It's better for a lion to lead lambs than for a lamb to lead lions."  (Arthur Lotti)

"Mothers spend a lifetime excising from their sons the influence of their fathers."  (Arthur Lotti)

"The first twenty-five years of your life, you're in awe of others. For the next twenty-five, you want others to be in awe of you. After that, you could hardly give a damn."  (Arthur Lotti)

"The more I think about it, the more I agree with the bees: worship the Queen and kill the unemployed."  (Arthur Lotti, American street philosopher)

"The most tragic word in the English language is 'potential.'"  (Arthur Lotti)

"The United Nations is presently unable break up a skirmish between two warring Girl Scout factions, so how they're supposed to aid the world is an even bigger conundrum."  (Arthur Lotti)

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