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"For our anniversary, I had a certificate drawn up that states I can never leave [Angelina] for eternity. It has the seal of the great state of Louisiana on it. I signed it in my own blood with a paintbrush."  (Billy Bob Thornton, Jane, September, 2001)

"I figured I would have to tell someone to kiss my ass before it was all over, and I have -- twice."  (Billy Bob Thornton, on his first visit to Cannes, US Weekly, May 28, 2001)

"I had a divorce to pay for, frankly."  (Billy Bob Thornton, on why he agreed to appear in Armageddon, The London Independent, September 30, 2001)

"I had a nurse come...and draw some of my blood. I painted some pictures for Angie [Jolie] in my blood. We're not the types to give each other candy or a bunch of flowers."  (Billy Bob Thornton, New York Post, August 27, 2001)

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