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"Although the most acute judges of the witches and even the witches themselves, were convinced of the guilt of witchery, the guilt nevertheless was non-existent. It is thus with all guilt."  (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)

"Collective guilt is borne by what is conventionally called the scapegoat. Now the scapegoat for white society - which is based on myths of progress, civilization, liberalism, education, enlightenment, refinement - will be precisely the force that opposes the expansion and the triumph of these myths. This brutal opposing force is supplied by the Negro."  (Frantz Fanon)

"I'm sorry, I sawed off the legs of the Periodic table, I re-elected the president. I did it, it was all my fault...I did many bad things and I am so sorry."  (John S. Hall, Verses that Hurt, the poem Sorry)

"In a closed society where everybody's guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity."  (Hunter S. Thompson)

"Miserable man! Oh! most contemptible and worthy of all scorn; with slouched hat and guilty eye, skulking from his God; prowling among the shipping like a vile burglar hastening to cross the seas."  (Herman Melville, Moby Dick)

"Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame."  (Erica Jong)

"The bite of conscience, like the bite of a dog into a stone, is a stupidity."  (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)

"Victims suggest innocence. And innocence, by the inexorable logic that governs all relational terms, suggests guilt."  (Susan Sontag)

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