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"Anytime there's a big sporting event, go to either the winning or losing town; there'll be riots in both of time. Riots are fun."  (Hunter S. Thompson, advice on 'adventure' in Men's Journal)

"Avoid being seized by the police. The cops are not your friends. Don't tell them anything."  (Hunter S. Thompson, advice on 'adventure' in Men's Journal)

"Ether is the perfect drug for Las Vegas. In this town they love a drunk. Fresh meat."  (Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)

"Events of the past two years have virtually decreed that I shall wrestle with the literary muse for the rest of my days. And so, having tasted the poverty of one end of the scale, I have no choice but to direct my energies toward the acquisiton of fame and fortune. Frankly, I have no taste for either poverty or honest labor, so writing is the only recourse left for me."  (Hunter S. Thompson, to Mr. Arch Gerhart, January 29, 1958)

"Get out of control, but appear under control. It's not bad to alarm other people, though - it's good for them."  (Hunter S. Thompson, advice on 'adventure' in Men's Journal)

"Gonzo journalism is a style of reporting based on William Faulkner's idea that the best fiction is far more true than any kind of journalism - and the best journalists have always known this. Which is not to say that fiction is necessarily 'more true' than journalism - or vice versa - but that both 'fiction' and 'journalism' are artificial categories; and that both forms, at their best, are only two different means to the same end."  (Hunter S. Thompson)

"Groveling is wrong for the soul, like grappling with whores in a drugstore."  (Hunter S. Thompson)

"Have an objective to give your bender a theme. For instance, stalking and killing a wild pig with a bowie knife."  (Hunter S. Thompson, advice on 'adventure' in Men's Journal)

"History is hard to know, because of all the hired bullshit, but even without being sure of 'history' it seems entirely reasonable to think that every now and then the energy of a whole generation comes to a head in a long fine flash, for reasons that nobody really understands at the time - and which never explain, in retrospect, what actually happened."  (Hunter S. Thompson)

"I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me."  (Hunter S. Thompson)

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