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"One pretty good definition of college is that it's a place where people are made to read difficult books."  (Jonathan Franzen)

"The institution of writing and reading serious novels is like a grand old Middle American city gutted and drained by superhighways. Ringing the depressed inner city of serious work are prosperous clonal suburbs of mass entertainments: techno and legal thrillers, novels of sex and vampires, of murder and mysticism."  (Jonathan Franzen)

"To serve the reader a fruitcake that you wouldn't eat yourself, to build the reader an uncomfortable house you wouldn't want to live in: this violates what seems to me the categorical imperative for any fiction writer. This is the ultimate breach of Contract."  (Jonathan Franzen)

"Today's Baudelaires are hip-hop artists."  (Jonathan Franzen, from Why Bother? (The Harper's Essay))

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