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"How many men have shown great aptitude at running multinational corporations or leading armies across vast deserts, only to drop to their knees like blundering Cub Scouts at the first sign of tit?"  (Neil LaBute, from "Open All Night" in Seconds of Pleasure)

"I think most men carry around a secret library full of films they've shot of every woman they ever met. Crude little sequences strung together that help us imagine what life might be like with a particular person - buying a car, going to Disneyland, standing around in Sears while she checks the price on bath towels. Despite popular belief, guys don't mentally undress every woman they meet; they simply thread them up and run them through the imaginary film projector in their heads to see what comes of it."  (Neil LaBute, from "Look at Her" in Seconds of Pleasure)

"Most girls-slash-women, when they hear "play" or "museum," get quite excited and figure this is it, things are finally turning around for good. Now he's getting serious."  (Neil LaBute, from "Soft Target" in Seconds of Pleasure)

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