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"Watching films in a cinema is in many ways like going to school. You sit where you're told, surrounded by others, all of you there for a common purpose. You're not allowed to talk, just listen quietly. You might not believe what you see and hear, but only a troublemaker would question it out loud. The only difference is you can walk out - but you're immediately conspicuous if you do so, and people give you dirty looks if you make any noise."  (Theo Panayides)

"We're all watching movies more than ever, wasting time in quantities that would've made my grandparents blanch. Throw in TV and video and it's clear that we're way beyond saturation - our whole lives are determined, one way or the other, by moving images. Yet we treat films as though they were utterly disposable - and indeed (this is the scary part) in a way they are disposable."  (Theo Panayides, film critic)

"What's happened to movie-watching in the 90s is much the same as what's happened to TV-watching, or to a million other things in our increasingly custom-made, individualised, consumer-oriented world. Quite simply, you can now (increasingly) create your own personalised little world, reflecting your particular tastes ; the concept of a communal lifestyle, a shared culture acting as a societal glue, is becoming increasingly obsolete."  (Theo Panayides)

"Yanks don't seem to realise how much of a symbol their country is, how reflexively and unthinkingly foreigners use it to assign blame or take random pot-shots: it's like when you're at school and make fun of the teachers, giving them unseen peccadilos and lurid home lives. Suddenly the teacher was humanised, made 'one of us', struck by a real-life tragedy; for the first time, we felt protective of America...."  (Theo Panayides, film critic, on 9/11)

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