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"People don't market their Web sites very well and then they end up disappointed with their lackluster results. It's sort of like selling into China for the first time: after its first year there, do you think Pepsi would have said: 'Well, we aren't doing that well, so maybe we should ditch the country'? Of course not. Like China, the Internet is a huge new market. It's up to you to figure out what to do with it. Use it as a prospecting tool, make connections with people, add value for your existing customers. People are too darn myopic about making money and they get disappointed fast. If they haven't sold enough flowers they say: 'I'm out of here.'"  (Larry Chase, president of Chase Online Marketing Strategies, New York, N.Y.)

"The secret tis to know your customer. Segment your target as tightly as possible. Determine exactly who your customers are, both demographically and psychographically. Match your customer with your medium. Choose only those media that reach your potential customers, and no others. Reaching anyone else is waste."  (Robert Grede, author of Naked Marketing, the Bare Essentials)

"Your most effective marketing tool may be your own customer list, but you'd better make sure you have one. A lot of people think they can just use the list of companies they send bills to. Wrong. That's a billing list. If you want a marketing list, you have to generate one, and that means including the information a marketer needs, which is a lot different from the information a credit manager needs."  (Ernan Roman, author of Integrated Direct Marketing: Techniques and Strategies for Success)

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